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The FantastiCLEAN Tear-Away Microfiber Towel revolutionizes the concept of cleaning convenience. Inspired by the familiar roll format of paper towels, this innovative design incorporates the superior qualities of microfiber cloths. It boasts enhanced absorbency, a plush softness, and remarkable cost-effectiveness, making it a superior choice compared to disposable paper towels. By opting for these reusable microfiber towels, you not only contribute to a healthier environment but also benefit from substantial savings.

In contrast to traditional packaging methods for microfiber towels, the FantastiCLEAN Tear-Away Microfiber Towels offer unparalleled convenience in storage and transport. Simply tear off the desired cloth from the roll, and you're instantly equipped to wipe, clean, and dry any surface. This user-friendly feature ensures that your cleaning tasks are streamlined and hassle-free.

They are a fantastic replacement for paper towels.
You can relish the convenience of haveing them readily available in various unique colors at your fingertips.
They are crafted from recycled microfiber, reusable, and washable.
Easy to Tear Off
Simple tear off the desired cloth from the roll, and you're instantly equipped to wipe, clean, and dry any surface.

WHY FantastiCLEAN?

The FantastiCLEAN Tear-Away Microfiber Towels represent the future trend, marking a new era of growth with remarkable
potential and a rapid growth rate within the subcategory. This is the prevailing scenario in the U.S.market, and it's anticipated
that other markets will follow a similar trajectory. In the U.S.market, we proudly hold the position as the number one brand
within this category and are recognized as pioneers in the Tear-Away Microfiber Towel Roll innovation.

Tear-Away Microfiber Towels = FantastiCLEAN
End users are well aware of and deeply appreciate the brand's leadership and innovation.

It is replacing paper towels and traditional packaging of the microfiber towels markets.

FantastiCLEAN controls the patent right.


Fast Moving Best Seller

Don't worry about the selling; it's effortless to sell.

Local Warehouse Stock Support

FantastiCLEAN has local stock in the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., Italy, Spain, Canada, etc.; we can ship in two workdays.

Factory Inventory Support

Our own factory has 36,000 rolls in stock and ready to ship and can produce an additional 10,000 rolls per day.


One carton (nine rolls) for samples and one
pallet (36 cartons =324 rolls) for start.

Marketing Material Support

Various FantastiCLEAN branded gifts will be
provided when the order quantity exceeds 20 pallets (720 cartons).

Worldwide Advertisement Support

Advertising platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok, etc.; various types of advertisements will be displayed in the local market.

Annual Bonus Support

The details will be sent to you via email.